3 Facebook advertising myths debunked

3 Facebook advertising myths debunked

Facebook advertising can truly transform your business but there are still a few common myths surrounding Facebook advertising that puts business owners off and I want to debunk them once and for all.

In this article you’ll learn the 3 most common Facebook advertising myths and I’ll debunk them to show you that Facebook advertising can work for your business.


Myth #1 – Facebook ads are just for big brands (with big budgets)


This is the oldest of the Facebook advertising myths, it all started when Facebook first launched their advertising platform, when you needed large budgets to access the platform.

The only businesses with huge budgets were big brands and they jumped at the opportunity to advertise to Facebook’s growing audience. For a number of years, all people saw were brand awareness ads from the likes of Coca-cola, Samsung, Microsoft, Unilever etc

However, this has all changed. You no longer need huge budgets to use Facebook advertising, the ad platform is open to all users. Plus, Facebook advertising has moved on from just brand awareness campaigns, introducing new campaign objectives over the years.

There are now 14 advertising objectives to choose from, making Facebook ads more diverse and powerful than ever.

The majority of our clients use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and customers for their business, running either website click, conversion or video campaigns.


Myth #2 – Facebook ads don’t work for B2B companies


This is the most common myth I hear from people and the easiest for me to debunk because I’ve built Gecko Squared, my B2B Facebook ads agency using Facebook ads.

Facebook is a social network so, people browse it to connect with their friends, find trending news and of course, watch cat videos.

But guess what?

Businesses are made of people and Facebook ads are a great way to target them.

With Facebook ads, you can target users by the industry they work in, by their job titles, purchase behaviours and a whole host of other targeting criteriaThere is no reason not to advertise a business product or service on Facebook.


Myth #3 – Facebook ads are dead completely

Forget that some people think that Facebook advertising doesn’t work for B2B companies, some go as far as saying it doesn’t work full stop, at all!

People come to the false conclusion that Facebook advertising doesn’t work for their business, because they try it once, with limited knowledge and budget and it doesn’t work.

Of course it’s not going to work if you do that.

Facebook advertising is a huge force in online and social media marketing, accounting for more than 18.4% of global digital advertising and generating over $17 billion in revenue last year.

This is good news. With revenue staying high, it’s practically guaranteed that Facebook will continue to release new tools and features to advertisers over time.

Recent examples of updates include Instant Articles, Collection Ads, and In-stream video ads, all of which are remarkably valuable tools for marketers and businesses.


The three most common Facebook advertising myths are:

  1. Facebook ads are just for big brands (with big budgets)
  2. Facebook ads don’t work for B2B companies
  3. Facebook ads are dead completely

So now you know that Facebook advertising isn’t just for big businesses, works in a b2b context and is more effective than ever, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from using Facebook advertising for your business.

Thinking of starting your first Facebook advertising campaign? Before you do anything, click here.

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Charlie Lawrance is the Founder and CEO of Gecko Squared, a digital marketing agency that specialises in Facebook advertising. His clients include eCommerce companies, professional service businesses and best-selling authors. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook Page (Charlie Lawrance).

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