The 3 parts of a Facebook advertising campaign

The 3 parts of a Facebook advertising campaign

So now you know that your business can crush it with Facebook advertising, you want to take the next step and set up your first campaign…


Don’t create a campaign until you’ve read this article and understand the 3 core elements of every Facebook advertising campaign.

Although no two Facebook advertising campaigns are the same, at the core of every campaign is the same structure.

In this article you’ll discover the 3 core parts of a Facebook advertising campaign and how they work together to ensure that your ad is running the way you want it to and reaching the right audience.

Facebook advertising campaigns need 3 parts to run: a campaign, ad set and ad. All these parts make up what’s called the campaign structure.


What’s a campaign?

It all starts with a campaign. Think of the campaign as the foundation of your ad. At the campaign level, you’ll choose an advertising objective.

Your advertising objective defines what you want your ad to achieve. For example, if you run a website clicks campaign, your ad will be optimized to get clicks to the URL you specify.

There are 14 different campaign objectives to choose from (see image below).


Facebook ad objectives

If you want to generate new leads and sales for your business we advise you run either a website clicks campaign or a conversion campaign.


What’s an ad set?

An ad set tells your ad how to run. At the ad set level, you create an audience for your ad using Facebook’s targeting options.

You define your audience by choosing things like location, gender, age, interests and more. You’ll also create a budget, set a schedule for your ad and choose your placements.

See placement examples below.

Facebook ad placement


Keep in mind that a campaign can include multiple ad sets, each with different targeting, scheduling and budgeting options selected.


What’s an ad?

Your ad is what your customers or audience will see. At the ad level, you choose your ads creative, which includes images, videos, text, URLs and a call-to-action button.

By creating multiple ads (with different copy and images) within a single ad set, you can split test. Split testing is the most effective way to improve your campaigns performance over time.

Here’s an example of two ads we run in our social media strategy campaign. They both feature the same copy but in this case we are split-testing the performance of different images.



There you have it, the 3 parts of every Facebook advertising campaign.

  1. Campaign
  2. Ad Set
  3. Ad

The key to success with Facebook advertising is to ensure that you have alignment between each of the core parts and your business and marketing objectives.

Your campaign objective needs to be aligned with your marketing objective, your ad set needs to be aligned with your target audience and your ad with your offer.

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